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Welcome to AskMagic8Ball.

AskMagic8Ball began firstly to help individuals in making a decision and answering their yes or no questions. Deciding sometimes is not that simple, so that is why we created this application for you to enjoy the fortune-telling ability of the Magic 8 ball online.

Additionally, we also consider that we might produce the app more remarkable since there are various similar magic 8-ball online out there. Therefore, AskMagic8Ball is also designed with additional features to mainly copy the real magic ball for your pleasure. These are just a fun forecast based on the outcome you produced. You can choose on if you believe the answers or not.

As AskMagic8Ball still newly started, we would be grateful if you have any recommendation on how to make this application enhanced, we wish you to feel free to hand down your suggestion and contact us here.

We will absolutely keep on making AskMagic8Ball better. We desire it would turn out to be one of the beneficial online tool out there that can give help to any individual looking for answers.

Hope you'll love using AskMagic8Ball. Enjoy your stay…